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Expanding an obsession!

on September 8, 2012

After a few weeks of digging,  finally the front garden is ready for planting.

We also discovered that normal wooden sleepers from Bunnings are treated with arsenic (called CCA).  Whilst there is limited evidence of leeching (see CSIRO study), we decided not to chance it.

It turns out that Bunnings sells pre cut veg beds that are NOT treated with arsenic,   so we picked up 3 of these and cobbled them together.  They are ACQ treated which is the more friendly weather treating – and apparently kid and veg friendly.

Apart from some unfortunate orientation issues,  we are happy with the doubling of our growing space.

Today we planted

Moon and star watermelons

Zucchini – tromboncino and three colour mix

Sweet and striped, and lebanese mini muncher cucumbers

Borlotti beans

St Valery, purple dragon, and heirloom carrots

Perpetual spinach

Time for a drink!


One response to “Expanding an obsession!

  1. So much fun growing your own! (and the well earned drink at the end of the day!)I have been loving watching my veges grow….all thats left for me is the purchase of a Fig Tree, and to plant the beans,strawberries and tomatoes….oh and a Chilli Bush! I will enjoy watching the progress in your back yard via this website until I visit again….and enjoy eating some of the fruits of your labours maybe!!

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