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November update – running late

on November 18, 2012

It’s been a very busy month,  everything is starting to grow beautifully!   In some respects a little too well….

We discovered something useful,  these guys  Pascoe Vale Garden Supplies, are more friendly and cheaper than Bunnings!

We have realised that over the past few months that a few mistakes were made.


Pretty much all the tomato seeds we planted became seedlings,  and we have ended up with approximately 150 of them,  of the following heirloom varieties (thanks Diggers):

Granny’s throwing


Sugar lump

Christmas grape

Also,  we don’t really eat pumpkin that often,  yet decided to plant 11 seeds,  all of which have come up.  We were subsequently warned by several people that pumpkins run wild…

So anyway,  the front garden has now been dug up,  and the back is now at a stage were it will be left for a few months – it’s too hot to dig new beds now.  That said,  there is still plenty to plant for autumn!

Oh,  and also, we managed to extract our first 3kgs of pink fur potatoes over the past few weeks!


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