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Happy 2013!

on January 9, 2013

A belated happy new year to all!   It’s been a Xmas/NY of mixed emotions, we were very please to have been here!   However, Barney – our dog was taken ill and spent a week in hospital.  Thankfully a misdiagnosis of cancer was clarified by another vet practice (after a full investigation) as actually being an infection,  and Barney is on the mend (picture included).

Garden happenings are a bit slow ( I should live in the moment more).  Being new to all this I was expecting something more already from summer crops,  however growth has been steady and consistent (mostly).

Back in November I planted our excessive number of tomato seedlings,  which are now starting to look fantastic.  In particular I am proud of our “Granny’s throwing tomato’s“,  pictures included but not nearly ready for eating.

Also, our giant Russian sunflowers are flowering.   Apparently they can grow to 3 metres in height,  but are current at around 1 metre.   It’s probably best they don’t grow to their potential as they might block out the solar cells!

Heaps of potatoes have been harvested and there are another 10 plants to go.   We are hoping to not have to buy any this year, but lets see how that works out!

There has been some disappointment as well,  most of our eggplants seem to have failed,  clearly we were doing something wrong,  better luck next year!

We have started to prepare early for winter with ~50 brocoli and cauliflowers planted!  It’s just as well we love our vegetables


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