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1.21 Gigawatts!!

on January 19, 2013

Not quite 1.21 Gigawatts a la Doc Emmett Brown, but we certainly were chuffed to tip the 1 megawatt point today!

1.030 megawatts!

We are rather frugal as a household in terms of electricity usage,  we use approximately 6 kWh per day.  According to our bill, the average Australian house with 3 people is apparently using 17 kWh per day.   We are hoping that being a bit sensible with our power use and having solar,  we will not have to pay for electricity in 2013 (or at the most a little tiny bit).

It’s surprisingly easy to only use only 6 kWh,  aside from energy saving light bulbs,  you just need to be smart:

  • Make sure you only perform full loads of washing (cold).  If you can do this during non-peak rates then all the better.
  • You really don’t need lights to be on all the time,  it’s not being tight, but perhaps a personal preference.  Your room do not need to be brilliantly illuminated at all times,  especially during the day.
  •  Be smarter with cooling,   certainly we do have a split system AC,  but it’s not needed on 30c days (outside).   We have shutters,  so just keep them shut.   If you know a hot day is coming,  make sure you cool the house down over night.
  • Fans actually do a pretty admirable job of cooling the house down, think smartly about fan positioning to direct hot air around the home.
  • Turn off standby appliances,  they are still using electricity regardless.

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