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Plum Wine!

on February 10, 2013

Today the plum wine was transfered to it’s resting place for the next month.   Last year I successfully made ~30 bottles of “Dave’s Ruin”.   All thanks to the original author “Peels”,  who I grabbed the recipe from here.

Ingredients list


Very ripe plums 10Kg’s in our case

2kg Sugar

Campden Tabs

1tsp Pectic Enzyme 

1tst Yeast Nutrient 1tsp

1/4 tsp Citric Acid

Red Wine Yeast

I started by stoning and freezing all the plums,  apparently this causes more juice to be released.    After defrosting I added approximately 10 litres of boiling water,  2 kgs sugar , and 1 crushed campden tablet – then stirred until all disolved.

Once cool ~25c, I added the remain ingredients above stirred and covered tightly for a week – stirring twice a day (breaking up some plums every now and again).

Finally today,  the brew was filtered and transfered to it’s home for a month and will be left alone for a bit.

Some pictures


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