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A bit of a break.

on July 13, 2013

It’s been a while since we last posted, and to be honest,  not a lot has happened.  We’ve be harvesting what seems to be never ending broccoli, and  we are pretty much at the end of our Jerusalem artichoke harvest,   Having been so successful we are planning to give the artichokes their own dedicated raised bed – a considerable real estate upgrade from the potato bags for the past year.

The artichokes have been an enjoyable root to wait for,  and they looked pretty in the garden once in flower as well.

Also,  finally we are starting to pull leeks and parsnips.   I’m not overly convinced it’s worth growing parsnips,   perhaps we are doing something wrong,  but they seem to take up a lot of space and take far too long to grow?

Another addition has been a dedicated strawberry bed,   we were very impressed with our 3 plants last summer,  so we purchased another 22 bare root “Cambridge rival” plants from Diggers for what I considered to be a bargain (~30$).

Oh,  and finally the order is going in for the greenhouse.  Due to financial restrictions,  we are opting for a cheap Ebay temporary plastic tent greenhouse.  We are only expecting it to last a year,  but for 100$ we are not too worried.    A space has been cleared and weed mat laid for around 2 months,  so the dreaded grass should be nicely dead by now.

But whats up with the weather here in Melbourne,  yesterday we hit 17 in the garden,  and a nasty low over night,   and where is the rain?  It’s been pretty much all blue sky for weeks.   I feel odd watering during the winter!


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