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The first of spring – Happy Father’s Day!

on September 1, 2013

It’s been far too long since we last posted,  but it’s the end of winter and the start of spring!   So here is a longer than normal post.

Greenhouse update

The $90 ebay green house/poly tent is still standing despite Melbourne and her weatherly attempts otherwise.

We’ve concluded that if the green house manages to survive through to next winter we will be happy gardeners.    It’s true,  you really do get what you pay for and in this case,  $90 gets you poorly stitched seams and ill fitting plastic.

Within 2 days, the Melbourne wind had caused the seams to start splitting.  Bunnings as always had the answer in the form of Scotchguard “Tough” tape at $20 – again you get what you pay for.   The green house has been reinforced and the covering attached to the frame.   As the pictures will show,  it’s very much a Heath Robinson affair,  but the growing results have been impressive.

A new addition – apple crates!

We have managed to acquire 2 fantastic 1.2m x 1.2m x 60cm ex-apple creates!  Many thanks to Nicole from Luscombe Street community garden for arranging this!   The plan once the council approves is to place them on the nature strip and grow potatoes!


As the pictures show,  the green house is fulfilling it’s purpose,  we’ve planted the following,  all from seed and now seedlings.

Tomatoes,  San Marzano, Granny’s throwing, valentine, Xmas grape and mystery heirloom.  About 100 in total – perhaps a little too many…

Cucumber,  star and stripe, Armenian, and mini muncher.

Many types of bean

Painted mountain corn

Zucchini – two types


Chilli fatale

And finally capsicums

Everything is racing to grow,   I’m going to be very busy in the next few weeks especially as Rachel will be out of action due to upcoming surgery.

Also the Jerusalem Artichokes have been given their own dedicated home.

Solar power

A few days ago,  we received our end of winter bill – we have been using the reverse cycle for heating and not holding back on the tumble dryer – I was dumb struck to see when opening the envelope that we are $800 in credit….   Solar makes sense.

Any finally…

Barney has a snazzy spring cut.


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