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Reclaim the curb!

on October 5, 2013

Lorne Street Garden was recently honoured to be interviewed by Juliette Anich from reclaimthecurb.org.  It’s great that someone has taken the time to notice what we are up to here!  Many thanks Juliette.

Hop on over to Juliette’s site here to see the interview and what else she is up to.

At home,  we’ve basically now converted the front garden fully over to being a pseudo-farm,  hay as well.  I’ve had enough of mowing the front lawn between the vegetable beds,   so with any luck the hay will keep the grass at bay.

The greenhouse is remarkably still standing after the incredible winds of the past week,  but another emergency tough tape repair was needed.

Tomatoes aplenty have been planted,  with more to go.   It’s been a very busy few days!

Sadly snails managed to sneak into the greenhouse and have wiped out our eggplant and capsicum seedlings.   Time to start again.

We also have started to see our first purple globe artichokes,   I literally just picked and devoured one!

It was ace!

Sorry for the terrible pictures.


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