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Nature Strip Theft!

on November 18, 2013

It’s been a while since the last update, we’ve been extremely busy as a result of Rach’s surgery, but Lorne Street Garden is growing well. All summer crops are growing nicely,  the greenhouse has been a worthwhile investment and certainly we will be looking at a more long term installation.

Sadly however, the most significant update is a local individual has been stealing from our nature strip veg beds. So far 3 tomato plants have been lifted, bamboo supports included.  Also the individual has poked around in the potatoes…  Some potatoes were ripped up and left,  I assume they thought the plants were also tomatoes.

It’s rather disappointing that some elderly members of our local area assuming that nature strip planting is free for them to take…  

The overall point of the nature strip conversion is to share with the local community, but it’s rather low to take entire plants. I’m happy for people to take the fruit!

Still, onwards and upwards, we’re going to replace the stole mystery heirloom tomatoes with seedling San Marzano.  We will just wait longer to appreciate them.

It’s not all gloom,   we’ve started to pull up new early garlic,  and the zucchini’s are looking fantastic.   After last years zucchini failure,  it’s great to have some fruit!

Juliette Anich from reclaimthecurb has written an interesting post about nature strip and community garden etiquette.

Some pictures as always.


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