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The three sisters and a friendly neighbour!

on December 6, 2013

We were shocked the other day to come home to find that a kind neighbour had left us 2 tomatoes to and an Xmas card to replace the ones that were stolen.  the new additions have been planted!

To whoever it was,  many thanks!   It’s great that community spirit exists and feel free to say hello!


We’ve started to look into companion planting more,   we are trying to work more with nature and use less liquid fertiliser (albeit organic) over summer.     We stumbled upon this website regarding Zucchini (squash), corn, and beans.  According to Iroquois legend, the 3 crops were considered precious gifts from the great spirit,  and watched over by 3 sister spirits.  The theory being that the corn acts as a structure for the beans to climb,  the beans add nitrogen to the soil and support for the corn,  and the Zucchini act as a mulch for the soil.    It’s all much more articulately written here,  many thanks to the author!

At the moment,  it all seems to be working as well.   We have plenty of zucchini,  which is great as last year was a disaster.   The corn is growing well and the beans are wrapping around them well.

2 of the 3 sisters can be seen in the picture below,  beans around corn (sorry, not best picture).

2 sisters - beans and corn

In other news,  with summer now upon us (ignoring the cool change),  everything is starting to grow really well.  It seems that tomatoes out the front love the cacao shells,  but the others out the back,  who can’t have cacao because of Barney are doing pretty well too.  We do seem to have planted far too onions and leeks earlier on in the year,  so some are going a bit hard at the core (but the outsides are still good).

We are keeping our fingers all crossed that our remaining eggplants and capsicums don’t die horribly.    We’ve had very limited success with seedlings.

Oh,  and we’ve pulled out heaps of garlic,  about 300 heads so far and more to come.   We are trading nicely with local food friends!

Lots of pictures!


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