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Too much Garlic?

on December 14, 2013

Is too much garlic possible?   We’ve harvested all our crop for this year,  and shockingly,  we have approximately 250 heads…

Some pictures.






4 responses to “Too much Garlic?

  1. ladyclarington says:

    Wow that is a whole lot of garlic! What are you planning on doing with it all?

  2. A few things.

    1. Eat – I love garlic
    2. Trade with others! I like the idea of trade and barter
    3. Preserve, pickle I guess. For the long garlic free winter…
    4. Keep some for next years planting… If not eaten.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, another Fawkner gardener here. (Not quite Lorne Street, in the new development near the Nursing Home). I’m impressed by your massive amount of gardening. I wondered, as I have seeds for vegetables I don’t actually like (Kale, Lettuce), if you’d like the seeds (they’re from Diggers).

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