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After the heat

on January 21, 2014

A belated Happy New Year!

I’ve had every intention of getting something posted sooner,  but to be honest not a lot has happened since the last posting.   We still have masses of garlic,  and actually found a bit more lurking around.   Worryingly,  it’s nearly time to start planning for the next load.   I suppose also we should look at preserving garlic for later in the year as well.

The biggest news,  like for most Melbourne gardeners would be the shocking heat of the week of the 12th – 17th were (for non-locals) we had nearly a week over 40c.

I expected to lose a lot of our plants during the week from hell,  but surprisingly,  the garden and ourselves came through all this pretty much unscathed.

We did lose 2 chilli seedlings that were looking pretty sad anyway,  but that was it.   a small amount (3) tomato plants have started to look a bit sad around the bottom,  but I think this is mainly as a result of the blackbirds digging around the roots.

For the most part,  I think we were saved by the early morning watering and braving the heat!

Here are some pictures,  we have no shortage of tomatoes!




One response to “After the heat

  1. takver says:

    My nasturtiums are looking decidedly frazzled and withered from the heat, my young tomato plants survived but they get limited direct sun anyway. It shriveled quite a few leaves on my Lillypilly tree and a few on my plum trees. The temperature – east facing in the shade got to 44.5C in my backgarden. So the actual temperature in Fawkner may have been a degree or 2 higher than the official temperatures from Essendon AP.

    Definitely too hot, but we are going to have to adapt to experiencing more of those sort of temperatures. Might need to consider temporary shade clothe for important parts of the garden during heatwaves….

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