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Autumn is here!

on March 3, 2014

We are now a few days into autumn,  which you would not really believe from the weather!

Over the weekend most of the front garden tomatoes have been pulled out,  as well as their nature strip friends.   We’ve done very well out of tomatoes this summer,  and I’m not afraid to say that I am a little sick of them now.  The back garden tomatoes are going strong and I expect they will continue for about another month.  So far we’ve managed to preserve 24 jars of tomato related produce,  eat more than I care to mention, and freeze a stack as well.    Perhaps next year I should consider a road side sale?

In terms of whats coming out of the ground,  so far (aside from tomatoes) we’ve just started to see some early potatoes and cucumbers and the zucchini are still going strong.     The corn was a total failure,  but I’ve got some seeds left over for next year.

The now empty nature strip box will be used to create an attractive display of leafy greens,  rainbow chard, and bloomsdale spinach!

Not many pictures this time,  to be honest everything is looking a little dry and in need of a good rain.

The interesting picture to note is the tough tape (I’m still a fan) around the tomato.  This plant was nearly broken off a few months ago by the thief,  but the tape saved the day!   The plant has been productive until it was pulled up on the weekend!



One response to “Autumn is here!

  1. Hussein says:

    Looks like you had a good summer harvest. Congratulations!
    I’m preparing a veggie patch for autumn. What has worked well for you during this time of the year?
    P.S. I also live in Fawkner so we would share similar weather.

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