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After the storm – a return to blogging

on June 25, 2014

Hi all,

It’s been a noted while since we last posted anything.  To be honest,  as I suggested in the last post it’s been rather disheartening here at Lorne Street.

Following the simply put, ridiculous longer summer/warm autumn we have been left with nearly no winter crops.  All the bugs that should have been long dead were still lurking around eating our efforts.   Long summers are not always a good thing,  we need cold weather and rain.  We had better get used to it though El Nino looming…

To make things worse,  after winter hit with a vengeance – 23 to 24/6/2014 -= dates which will forever been known as “greenhouse death day”.

Our cheap greenhouse is no more…  Utterly shredded!   I know it only cost 100$ on ebay and was held together with tough tape – clearly not enough but it’s been good to us.

But we now have a sturdier front garden wooden greenhouse,  it’s prettier as well!    It survived the storm!  The backgarden replacement is yet to be decided.

And a big order is on the way from diggers.

San Marzano Tomatoes

Christmas grape Tomatoes

Hungarian Heart Tomatues

Quadrato D’asti Giallo capsicums – apparently massive ones!

Basil Fino Verde


Atomic red carrots

Purple dragon carrots

Paris Market carrots

St Valery carrots

Bull’s blood beetroot

Burpee’s golden beetroot – cool name

Chioggia beetroot

Cherry red rhubarb

Long Florence Zucchini

Costata Zucchini


King Richard Leeks.


So it’s not all doom and gloom!  Onwards and upwards,  we still have heaps and heaps of silverbeet and rainbow chard etc, so we won’t starve – but we might be bored!

We shall not be defeated!






One response to “After the storm – a return to blogging

  1. mrjonmoore says:

    It’s been a strange Autumn and Winter came with a slap. My brasicas have been variable because of the extra heat. Keep planting!

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