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Happy Birthday me and hello to Benji

on October 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!   Sadly I need a root canal and have a cold….

It’s been a while since I last posted,  a very long while.   In the last post it was mentioned that Barney passed away.   This was a tremendously sad day for us,  and I’ve not felt like posting much.

We do now have a new doggy family member!  Introducing Benji!  He has cheered us up no end!

Benji is supposedly an Australian Terrier Mix (not really sure what).  He’s 3 years old but acts with the mischievous will of a puppy – perhaps he’s younger.  He was rescued after being abused by previous owners and left outside in a courtyard.   He had 4 owners in a week and was near to being put down despite being perfectly healthy.  He’s a wonderful little fella,  he just needed love and a bit of training.  He came from Paws2Luv – Pat Sullivan does wonderful work!


In garden terms,  quite a lot has been happening albeit slowly.   Our flimsy greenhouse was destroyed…  AGAIN.  I’ve given up on ebay greenhouses/polytunnels now.  All the toughtape in the world won’t fix rusted frames.   Luckily all the seedlings were recovered and are happy outside now or in the front garden wooden greenhouse.  It’s likely we will have some seedlings for sale this year if we can get organised.   I need the money towards a proper poly carbonate greenhouse that I will bolt to concrete next year!

Aside from there,  we are getting bees!   We’ve been talking to Robert from BeeSustainable on Lygon street.  We’ve attended his course,  we’ve built our hive (nearly),  I’m collecting our suit soon, and the nucleus hive is on order.   I won’t pretend,  I’m a bit worried about all this.

Here I am scaring Benji !

Keep back strange creature!

Our pea/snow pea planting for winter was successful,  aside from not buying any, I’ve managed to preserve 6 bags of peas.  Also we have far too many carrots.  I’m a bit sick of carrots to be honest.

The main veg bed is dug out and the 3 sisters,  corn, bean, squash have been put in multiple places.   This worked really well last year, so we are trying in the nature strip crates which I hope will make quite a statement once it’s a bit bigger.

We’ve globe artichokes a plenty,  I’ve managed to convert Rachel to enjoying them.   I do keep finding spiders and bugs in them, but that shows they’re organic – right?

UPDATE on artichokes,   we just had 2 lovely Italian ladies come to our door and offer to buy some from us,  in exchange they are bringing some homemade tomato sauce!

Enough for now, I’ve got a few days off so I can get some seedlings planted in the ground!


5 responses to “Happy Birthday me and hello to Benji

  1. anthonypickering says:

    Where did you get plans for the hove from? We had a nucleus from bee sustainable last year and it worked out well for us. It is up at my parents place and the little swarm we got last year and managed to get over winter is doing super well in Coburg. We just had to add another super to the top. Good luck and enjoy.

    • Hey Anthony, we actually brought the hive from Robert at Bee Sustainable. He supplied us a kit to assemble and paint ourselves. The whole hive kit including queen excluder came to $135.

      • anthonypickering says:

        Ah Ok. We have purchased them from bee sustainable and other suppliers but was interested at some point in making up my own from scratch 🙂

  2. Arwen says:

    I miss Barney so much

    Very cute dog

  3. […] Firstly the annoying update.   It seem the wood framed green house from last year that I was so proud off is a bit rubbish for raising seeds.  Coupled with the dire start to spring in Victoria,  cold, warm, cold,  now really warm,  it’s taken ages (and another poly greenhouse) to get anything going.  So we are a bit behind compared to last year… […]

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