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Rubbish blog poster returns

on January 21, 2015

it’s been ages since I posted anything.  I’m totally useless I know.

So to the tiny amount of readers I might have,  a token post which will be followed up with something more details on Australia day,  probably including pictures of the honey harvest,  hopefully without tales of me being stung (a lot)…

Anyhow…  we harvested this mega tromboncino zucchini today,  and there are loads more growing.

We called him “Snakey”

2 pictures,  1 relative to me,  and the other vs an Australian terrier and iphone.

tromboncino zucchini tromboncino zucchini


3 responses to “Rubbish blog poster returns

  1. takver says:

    Awesome. Some great sized zucchini were harvested from the community garden at the Community House. I think they escaped capture and picking over christmas.

  2. James Gielow says:

    I’ll be one of your readers! That’s a cute puppy you have there as well!

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