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Australia Day = Bee Day

on January 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day all,

We’ve decided to officially make Australia Day the day we tackle the job of harvesting honey from the back garden bees.  Despite initial rain and cold weather,  things brightened up nicely and my anxiety dropped.   We managed to harvest all frames from the hive with minimal casualties and stings (none).   I’m steadily becoming happier with the bees.   Initially a month or so ago I was near to having them moved on,  but they can stay now.

We do not have a honey extractor,  so we are going with the crush and strain method,  it’s slow work and a bit painful waiting the slow drop of honey through the double sieve,  but with some patience we will get there.

The honey is pretty good I have say,  no clear flavour,  which I suppose is to be expected with the randomness of backyard urban honey, but very sweet all the same.

A video and pictures.


2 responses to “Australia Day = Bee Day

  1. takver says:

    That’s fantastic! Great to know where some of our bees are going after visiting our garden blossoms. Always Welcome to bring some honey (or other excess veggies) along to the Fawkner Food Swap 2nd Saturday of the month 10.30-12.30pm at Fawkner Community House. Next one is on 14 Feb.

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