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on April 15, 2015

What an utterly crap blogger I’ve been of late!    The last post being on Australia day, that’s pretty poor!

The truth is not a lot has really happened.   The Summer continued,  moved into Autumn,  but I don’t think it really feels like it much.

We’ve been busily preparing for winter,  ripping out old plants,  namely the zucchini and tomatoes that have been taking over the place.   Hundreds of garlics have be put in,  and the brassicas are just about ready.

Something unexpected is that a lot of out of date onion seeds seem to have germinated successfully.  So much for use by dates.  I chucked them in row between the carrots (to avoid carrot fly?).  As they were out of date by a year I was not expecting much,   now I have thousands.   I guess I will just even things out a bit and more them around all over the place.

In terms of home preserving,   we ended up with about 80 jars/freeze tubs of sauce from the tomatoes,  and 17 jars of honey. The quantity was really quite surprising.

And about 15 bottles of plum wine and jam!  This years plum wine (Dave’s ruin 2015) is pretty good,  but needs time to settle.

The bees are very happy from what I can tell (still not speaking),  still harvesting for the winter ahead.  I will probably get them some food as well to keep them going.   Being our first winter with them,  I don’t want them all dying out.

And I apparently promise to blog more…

Some pictures as always,  my favourite is the lettuce thieving dog and the bee on the Jerusalem Artichoke flower.  It took me ages to train her to do that!

And for random news,  it’s hard waste week.  I’m still shocked to see flat screen TVs dumped.  Tells you something about society right?   Also,  my tomato machine which was made in Italy,  imported, and sold for $40 is ace.

Why can’t we manufacture here again?


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