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Useless blogger returns

on October 3, 2015

So I’m back!  It’s been ages since a proper post,  not a lot has happened at Lorne Street Garden over winter,  but now we have an exciting update!

Firstly the annoying update.   It seem the wood framed green house from last year that I was so proud of is a bit rubbish for raising seeds.  Coupled with the dire start to spring in Victoria,  cold, warm, cold,  now really warm,  it’s taken ages (and another poly greenhouse) to get anything going.  So we are a bit behind compared to last year

Looking at the 6th October last year,  the back bed was fully dug out and ready to plant,  but last year,  we had things to plant.  At the moment nothing is ready to go in the ground and based on the changeable nature of this Spring,  we are holding off for a few weeks.  Certainly we have no tomatoes to plant,  but thats OK,  we will wait.

So in more exciting news,  our honey flow arrived!  It’s all assembled,  oiled, and installed.   It was a bit of a debate about what to do.  The options were to expand the brood to two boxes or keep two supers (normal and flow), or chance the hive splitting and just going with the flow and no expanded brood.  We decided to expand the brood and add the flow as the only super on the very top.   The rational being this approach will give the queen more area to lay, so the hive will not feel the urge to swarm.  It seems to be stable enough and we have seen a single pioneering bee in the new flow box so far.

in the actual garden,  the brassicas have all bolted and flowered,  which the bees seem to love (broccoli honey?).    Our garlic is looking fantastic,   thanks Blakey and Meg at Bellellen Organics!  it’s been rhubarb aplenty here and the olive tree is starting to show signs of fruiting!  After a year it’s grown from about half a metre to three metres.

As I mentioned,  we picked up a cheap four level poly greenhouse from Bunnings,   which has helped us recover from a total wiped out seed raising effort.  In the pictures you will see the seedlings in this greenhouse,  these have all come up in one week.   Compared to a month of nothing from the wooden one.

Some pictures as always.  They are a bit big.

Oh,  and the red back did not bite me,  it was lurking on the can and I only noticed after I put it down, so I was pretty lucky.


One response to “Useless blogger returns

  1. That’s a beautiful photo of the redback. Glad you didn’t come to harm. Thanks for your update. No gardening update from me until January as I am travelling Europe and will be attending COP21 in Paris.

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