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Bio domes

on April 1, 2016

A very quick post here.  I’ve had a week off work,  so I’ve planted out a massive amount of garlic this year.   Hundreds and hundreds of cloves,  and 5 different varieties.

Shangdong – from diggers – apparently super hot

Italian red – from diggers

Melbourne market  – from diggers

Purple Monaro – from our friends Blakey and Meg at Bellellen organic – staggering amounts of these

Italian white – from Blakey and Meg again

But the evil garden birds seem to be keen on digging them up and dumping them,  so the 2$ green houses have come into play.




2 responses to “Bio domes

  1. Got to get mine done soon. OS soon for a bit so after that me think.

    • I’m hoping for a better year this year. The garden is still a bit messed up. Marigolds are still blooming and preventing me getting any broccoli in. I don’t want to dig them up as the bees seem to be liking them! Can’t win!

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