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Early Spring

on September 20, 2016

Wow,  what a rubbish poster I’ve been again.    No justified excuses aside from being extremely busy with a new interest in the form of guitar making with Chris at Thomas Lloyd guitars.  I’m hoping to turn this into a new home hobby once I have my workshop setup!  Chris is an amazing teacher and a master of his art!

In garden news,  there was a significant change.   No more bees.   Back in May/June I was stung on the face and had a serious reaction,  I ended up being off work nearly a week an unable to see.   It was strange as I’ve been stung many times before without issues,  but my GP tells me that’s how it goes,  you can go from no allergy to total,  so the bees have gone.

Thankfully the bees have been taken back by Robert from Bee Sustainable who kindly came over and collected them and paid me for the honeyflow.   It’s a real shame they had to go,  but I can’t take the risk.

The garden is being torn up in time for Summer,   a few lettuces and peas to clear out and then it’s time to get started.   Our garlic this time is looking fantastic,  I’m just hoping we don’t get a storm come along and smash them all like last year!

And we learnt a lovely use of the Globe Artichoke leaves.  Don’t just cut them off,  strip them,  pressure cook and deep fry in batter!  Ace!

I might even be able to sell some tomato seedlings this year if I get organised!

As always some pictures,   including the wonderful change of an Almond tree in later winter.

Perhaps I need to commit to a weekly update!



One response to “Early Spring

  1. John Englart says:

    Shame about the bees.

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