Lorne Street Garden

Self sufficiency and sustainability in Fawkner, Melbourne, Australia, and beyond!

What’s all this about / contact us?

We are two professionals – David and Rachel. We have a young daughter – Arwen, and a messed-up Jack Russell called Barney. Tired of living in inner city Melbourne, facing a life of high rents, and cramped conditions.   Fed up of no sun on our faces and a neighbour from hell next door, we made a bid for freedom and relocated 12kms north to windy Fawkner.

We are located at 39 Lorne Street, 3060.

With a keen interest in sustainability and self-sufficiency.  Since moving in late 2011 we have discovered a new life in a garden and attempted self-sufficiency.

The purpose of the site is to tell our story. We would like to meet like-minded others in order to learn and share experiences (and crops!), and perhaps encourage more people to attempt the same.

The good life (hopefully) indeed!

We can be contacted at this address



5 responses to “What’s all this about / contact us?

  1. jane says:

    hey guys just wanted to say ‘good job’ ! i live on th other side of mutton reserve and walk my dog past your place often. some months ago we ripped up half our nature strip and planted it out with natives. i was planning on doin th other half the same but after seeing your apple crates i was inspired to plant edibles ! have thought about it for a while and have settled on herbs in some sort of container.(off to th tip shop with th kids tomorrow) i was hoping that people would b able to take what was needed for themselves and also giving th herbs th regular prune they love . great to see th people of fawkner doin what they can to live th ‘good life’ !!! cheers !!

  2. Susie says:

    Hi there I’ve just come across your blog , the photos of your garden are inspiring a great crop we had a dismal year growing veggies thank god for my folks and the in laws growing in abundance ! We live on no. 95 Lorne st.
    It was great reading your posts and will keep checking it out for inspiration from a local . Cheers Susie

  3. Susie says:

    My first comment didn’t go through so here I go again. Hi I’ve just come across your blog and found it very inspiring we have had a dismal year with veggies , thankful for successful veggie growers like my folks and inlaws ! We live on 95 Lorne st. I will continue to check out your posts for inspiration from a local. Cheers Susie .

  4. Susie says:

    Hi yes thats us, thanks so much so happy you like it. Thankfully it looks after itself mostly being succulents and cacti but ive been a bit more motivated in the last few weeks to get into the gardening again so fingers crossed we can have some more success especially in vegie department ! I can see my comment came in twice sorry about that 🙂 thanks for replying and if you see me tinkering about in the yard come say Hi ……

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